We leverage AI to revolutionize engineering.

Our mission is to enable everyone to build CAD models, and to help engineers find more joy in their work and focus on what they do best:

Being creative.
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Team & Advisors

Pedram Co-Founder and CEO
CEO & Co-Founder
Pedram Shahid
Former manager in the manufacturing & engineering industry with huge experience in innovation projects and cooperative leadership.
DANIEL Co-Founder and CTO
CTO & Co-Founder
Daniel Zimmermann
Machine Learning expert with startup experience and Ph.D. candidate at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
Maja Kehic
Experienced marketer with a rich background in tech, startups, and the dynamic world of web3.
Pegah Shahid
Influencer marketing expert, CEO of HyPage Agency.  
General Advisor
Sven Häwel
Web Entrepreneur & Consulter, Hi End SEO Specialist and CEO of homeandsmart GmbH, the leading smart home portal.
Financial Advisor
Jürgen Herzig
Former manager at Deutsche Bank with 20 years of banking experience, now owner of Finance Relations Management and a financial advisor.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hörz
A professor at the Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering at Esslingen University. Robert Bosch GmbH and Fraunhofer IPA.
Blockchain Advisor
Andrei Ghita
Blockchain Expert with 16+ Years of Experience in project management, including MultiversX Blockchain Apps.
Web3 Advisor
Marcel Gerber
Extended experience in social media, influencer marketing, and community building, creating impactful campaigns for billion-dollar companies like Razer and guiding early Web3 projects to success.
Blockchain Partner
Alexandre Lehr, Kai Firschau & Lukas Wipf are founders of german blockchain company ONINO and support CADAICO in all blockchain-related questions.