Announcement: Pre-Seed Sale Extension and Referral Program Update

Unlock More Time & Rewards: Pre-Seed Sale Extended & Referral Program Boost

NOTE: In February 2024, CAD token was rebranded to CADAI token.

We are excited to bring an important update regarding our Pre-Seed Sale and referral program. As we continue to make progress in shaping and defining our CADAI Platform and CADAI Assistant, we want to provide interested parties with ample time to fully understand the potential of our project and make informed decisions. Therefore, we have decided to extend the  Pre-Seed Sale until November 26, 2023

The extension of the Pre-Seed Sale is aimed at providing interested parties with more time to fully understand the potential of the project and make informed decisions. Given that the project is complex in nature, it is crucial that potential buyers have sufficient time to delve deeper into the details and grasp the value proposition it offers.

Furthermore, the release of our updated whitepaper shows significant progress in defining the CADAI Platform and CADAI Assistant. By extending the Pre-Seed Sale, we aim to ensure that our team's work receives proper visibility and recognition, providing an opportunity to showcase their expertise.

By extending the Pre-Seed Sale duration, the project team is demonstrating dedication to creating a comprehensive and inclusive token sales environment. This extension serves as an opportunity for interested parties to thoroughly explore the project, its potential, and make well-informed buying decisions. It is important to note that this extension is for the benefit of all stakeholders involved, including potential buyers, the project team, and the overall success of the project itself.

As a token of our appreciation, we have also revamped our referral program to reward our community, our most valuable ambassadors.

Here's how it works: By referring the project to others, you can earn 10% of the buy made by the individuals you refer. This means that not only will you be helping us spread the word about our project, but you will also be rewarded for your efforts.  We believe that our community is our greatest strength, and we want to celebrate your contribution by sharing the benefits with you. We encourage you to take advantage of this extended Pre-Seed Sale period to thoroughly explore our project and its potential. Additionally, seize the opportunity to participate in our referral program and be a part of our mission to build a groundbreaking platform.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, we are shaping the future of our project and making waves in the CAD industry.