CADAI Staking Platform: How-To

As the launch of the CADAI token ($wCADAI) on Uniswap is approaching, we’re excited to provide a short tutorial on how to use the CADAI Staking Platform. The CADAI Staking Platform will be available shortly after the Uniswap launch, around 18:00 CEST on May 15. This DApp allows token holders to deposit their tokens and earn CADAI as Staking Rewards! 🚀

Step 1: Visit Farm Website & Connect Wallet

Visit and click on the “Connect” button to link your wallet to the website.

Step 2: Select Staking Period

Choose your preferred staking period—1, 6, or 12 months—by clicking on the corresponding option. The longer the staking period, the higher the staking rewards.

In the same window, you will be able to see the Liquidity Token Staking pool with one option -1 month.

Single Token Staking

  1. Choose the pool and click on  "Enable Staking" (i.e. give the staking contract permission to use their CADAI)
  1. Now click on “Stake”, select the amount, accept the terms and you are set. 
  • Withdraw Your Staking Rewards: While your tokens are locked for the chosen period and will unlock after it expires, you can withdraw your staking rewards at as soon as the locking period is done. To withdraw your rewards, simply click the “Withdraw” button, accept the transaction, and your rewards will be sent to your wallet instantly. Once you start staking CADAI tokens, you can add more tokens, including your harvested Staking Rewards. Note: Adding more tokens will restart the staking period.

Liquidity Token Staking

  1. Go to the Uniswap pool using the "Provide Liquidity" button
  • On the Uniswap website: Enter the amount of ETH/wCADAI you want to add to the ETH/wCADAI liquidity pool. You will immediately start earning a share of the TX fees generated in the pool as rewards, which you will receive later when withdrawing your liquidity again. In exchange for contributing this liquidity, you will receive so-called LP tokens. These LP tokens can now be locked in the CADAICO Staking Platform, to not only incentivize providing liquidity, but also keep it in the pool - double rewards for the token holders!
  • Go back to and follow the exact same process as with Single Token Staking.  If you want to withdraw,  withdraw LP tokens from the staking app, go back to Uniswap, and withdraw the liquidity

If you have any questions, please drop us a message on the official Telegram community channel!

Your CADAI Team


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