CADAICO Pre-Seed Sale Announcement

CADAICO is excited to announce its Pre-Seed Sale, offering an exclusive opportunity to support groundbreaking innovation in AI and blockchain technology for the CAD industry. With a soft cap of $50,000 and a hard cap of $300,000, the Pre-Seed Sale starts on August 26th, 2023 at 9 AM CET and ends after two months or once the hard cap is reached.

NOTE: In February 2024, CAD token was rebranded to CADAI token.

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the CADAICO Pre-Seed Sale! This is your opportunity to be part of groundbreaking innovation in the CAD industry and help us integrate cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology into the world of CAD. With your support, we can transform how engineers design and create, making the process smarter, faster, and more efficient. Join us on this exciting journey to define the future of CAD.

Sale Details

Firstly, we would like to explain how our sale process is structured. The Pre-Seed Sale is our first sale, which is more exclusive and will not be widely publicized. We are confident that we can close this sale quickly with the community we have already built, as well as our partners and future users.

The second sale is our Public Sale, for which we will take budget from the Pre-Seed Sale and use it to make much more noise to ensure its success.

Once live, you'll find the Pre-Sale here:

Pre-Seed Sale Start & End

The Pre-Seed Sale starts on August 26th, 2023 at 9 AM CET and will end after two months or once the hard cap is reached.

Please note that the sale is FCFS (first come, first served), so don't hesitate for too long.

Soft Cap & Hard Cap

The sale has a soft cap of $50,000 and a hard cap of $300,000.


The price per token for the Pre-Seed Sale will be $0.10 per token.

The price per token for the Public Sale will be around $0.15 per token

The price per token at the Launch / ICO will be around $0.20 per token.

Participating in the CADAICO Pre-Seed Sale

To participate, you will need to create an account and complete a KYC process. You will then have two options to contribute: with Crypto (Ethereum (ETH) and BNB Smart Chain (BNB)) or with a Credit Card.

Vesting Period

The vesting period for the first sale will be as follows. For future sales, vesting periods will be announced in a timely manner.

  • 15% of tokens unlocked at launch
  • linear token vesting over 6 months, starting at launch

If you would like to participate in our sale, you can still enlist here.

Thank you for your trust and for being part of CADAICO at such an early stage!

Public Sale

After a successful Pre-Seed Sale, the Public Sale will take place 3 months later. During this period, we will focus on producing the first achievements with Cadaico, growing our community, and securing partnerships. We will then be fully prepared to take the next step.

Launch / ICO

The launch of the $CAD Token is planned for early 2024. We will provide more details as we approach the launch.

For more information about CADAICO, please read our whitepaper.

We also just recently secured a legal opinion for our $CAD token.

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