Welcoming Marcel Gerber to CADAICO’s Advisory Team

Announcement: New Advisory Team Member

CADAICO announces a significant addition to our family! Marcel Gerber, a mastermind in social media, influencer marketing, and community building, is joining our advisory team. With a proven track record of driving remarkable growth in the digital marketing space, Marcel will play a vital role in shaping our community engagement strategies.

Marcel Gerber has spent seven years working in social media, influencer marketing, and community building before starting his own business. His notable journey includes creating multi-million-click campaigns in the Web2 space for billion-dollar companies like Razer. After contributing to the success of early Web3 projects in 2021, Marcel deepened his passion for blockchain technology, becoming fully committed to helping projects succeed. He now leads Inflame Agency, guiding clients with his expertise.

At CADAICO, we recognize the significant value that a strategic leader like Marcel brings to our team. His expertise in nurturing digital communities and deep understanding of the dynamic Web3 landscape will be crucial in optimizing our community activities. We'll harness Marcel's skills and experience in Web2 marketing to further advance our Web3 initiatives. He will collaborate closely with the CADAICO team to develop effective community growth strategies, strengthen our marketing efforts, and cultivate a collaborative spirit among our expanding base of supporters. We believe his insights will help us foster a more robust, engaged, and vibrant community.

Please join us in welcoming Marcel Gerber to the CADAICO advisory team. His addition reflects our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to our community and driving continuous growth in this exciting Web3 journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead with Marcel by our side.