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CADAI Platform

A global hub for innovation.

Leverage the power of our CADAI APIs for your own applications. Create, showcase, and monetize novel CAD-based apps on our innovative platform. Your creativity is rewarded fairly, securely and instantly with $CADAI tokens.

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Our technology stack for efficient engineering.

We leverage our specialized AI model Cadai to enable everyone to create CAD constructions with ease - from professional mechanical engineers to 3D printing hobbyists.

The Cadai Model

The foundation of Cadaico: A state-of-the-art AI model trained on millions of CAD models. It can generate new CAD files from scratch as well as complete and validate existing CAD models.

The Cadai API

Similar to OpenAI, our API stack allows everyone to easily leverage the power of our AI model and integrate it into their applications with ease.

The Cadai Platform

On our blockchain-based marketplace platform, everyone can publish their own apps based on the Cadai API, provide them to others and receive fair and instant compensation in the form of $CAD tokens.

Our Technology Stack for Efficient Engineering.

We leverage our specialized AI model CADAI to enable everyone to create CAD designs with ease - from professional mechanical engineers to 3D printing hobbyists.
Icon symbolizing the CADAI Platform

The CΛDΛI Platform

A groundbreaking ecosystem that unleashes the power of AI in the CAD design process, fostering innovation and collaboration. With user-friendly APIs, it serves as a dynamic hub for developers and community members worldwide to develop, share, and monetize AI-enhanced CAD applications, addons, and plugins.
Icon of a brain representing the CADAI Model: A stylized brain image, symbolizing the advanced AI capabilities of the CADAI Model, specifically designed for optimizing and enhancing CAD processes.

The CΛDΛI Model

At the heart of CADAICO is CADAI, our state-of-the-art AI model. Trained on a vast repository of millions of CAD design, CADAI Model is not only capable of generating entirely new CAD designs from scratch, but is also able to augment and validate existing CAD models. It transforms repetitive, time-consuming tasks into fast, efficient processes, allowing engineers to focus on creative and complex problem solving.
An icon depicting blockchain technology: Four squares symbolize blockchain's blocks, representing the foundational structure that ensures transparency and security within the CADAI ecosystem.

The CΛDΛICO Blockchain

Trust, transparency and security are essential at CADAICO. To reinforce these principles, we are developing the CADAICO Blockchain. It is the backbone of our ecosystem, ensuring data integrity and the efficient and secure processing of transactions. It provides a transparent validation method for data sharing and efficiently manages access to licences, applications and data. $CADAI, the CADAICO layer-1 blockchain's native utility token, provides crypto-economic security to the network and enables near-instant transaction settlement.

Open and accessible APIs allow developers to leverage CADAI's technology for any application.

A dynamic marketplace for developers to showcase and monetize their creations.

Earn and utilize CADAI tokens as you contribute and utilize the platform's tools and applications.