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The native utility token of the CADAICO Ecosystem

The native utility token of the CADAI Platform and Blockchain Ecosystem, used for managing access control, incentivizing positive behavior, and securing the network through economic mechanisms.

Illustration of the CADAI Assistant at work

Our technology stack for efficient engineering.

We leverage our specialized AI model Cadai to enable everyone to create CAD constructions with ease - from professional mechanical engineers to 3D printing hobbyists.

The Cadai Model

The foundation of Cadaico: A state-of-the-art AI model trained on millions of CAD models. It can generate new CAD files from scratch as well as complete and validate existing CAD models.

The Cadai API

Similar to OpenAI, our API stack allows everyone to easily leverage the power of our AI model and integrate it into their applications with ease.

The Cadai Platform

On our blockchain-based marketplace platform, everyone can publish their own apps based on the Cadai API, provide them to others and receive fair and instant compensation in the form of $CAD tokens.

The $CADAI Token

Designed as the native utility token of the CADAICO Blockchain, the CADAI Token is essential to the entire ecosystem. It serves as the primary medium for training data exchange, data validation, and platform gas fee settlements.

Beyond this, it regulates efficient allocation of computational resources on the platform, and provides economic security to our network by safeguarding against potential attacks.
Chart depicting CADAI token allocation: This visual presents a detailed distribution and percentage breakdown of CADAI tokens apportioned to different stakeholders, including the team, private and public sales, the community, the treasury, and staking rewards. It underscores the token economy's transparency.

Withdrawal & Staking

Token Withdrawal

Manage your tokens easily and securely, with a simple way to withdraw them directly to your wallet.

Withdraw Your Tokens

Staking Platform

Stake your wCADAI tokens or provide liquidity to earn rewards. Choose between 2, 6, and 12-month  pools.

Stake Your Tokens